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Rocket executive Melody would like to battle! by HyperactiveChaosgirl
Rocket executive Melody would like to battle!
I love adventure time way too much, so I decided to make my character Melody into a vampire using a little bit of the adventure time  style but also incorporated a style of my own to it with a bit of Pokemon to the mix.

Here she is as a rocket admin which is why she has a uniform of her own style. I kinda wanted to draw this as a inter-dimension side to her about what if she was in team rocket.

Name: Melody 

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Personality: Quite determined, will never back down without a fight, has a tendency to boss others around and is quite mean.

Pokemon Team:

(c) Adventure time belongs to it's developers

(c) Pokemon belongs to :iconnintendoplz:

(c) Character and artwork belongs to me.
Skeleruin by HyperactiveChaosgirl
Just a fakemon I decided to make. ^^

Name: Skeleruin

Type: Undead/Dragon

Height- 50,1 Weight- 550lbs

Pokedex Entry: Pre-historic fossil Pokemon

These pre-historical skeletal dragons live buried deep underground. They make their nests at the depths of sandy ruins or abandoned temples, only roaming about in the night in search of Krelpy. These pokemon are rare and have only been sighted by only a few trainers. 

(c) Pokemon belongs to :iconnintendoplz:

(c) Artwork by me :iconhyperactivechaosgirl:
Shiny Mudkip by HyperactiveChaosgirl
Shiny Mudkip
I decided to draw this piece because I was inspired by one of the pokemon mystery dungeon sea of time remixes by Kalbur.… You should have a listen, it's quite relaxing ^^

Also, shiny mudkip is one of my favourite Hoenn starters ^^

(c) Mudkip and shiny mudkip belong to :iconnintendoplz:

(c) Artwork belongs to me :iconhyperactivechaosgirl:
Breeder trainer and N by HyperactiveChaosgirl
Breeder trainer and N
Just another one of my drawings ^^ This one was inspired from my past experiences. It's N and my trainer character fighting alongside each other. I was going to have a bunch of team rocket grunts silhouetted in the background but.. couldn't really find a way to add them in, so I left the background blank.

Hope you guys enjoy this piece anyways.

(c) Pokemon and trainer N belongs to :iconnintendoplz:

(c) Trainer Melody belongs to me :iconhyperactivechaosgirl:
A long time ago, in the enchanted land of Avalos. There lived a unicorn king and queen who wanted a child for a very long time. However, they could not have a child and this pained them most greatly, so they asked their most trusted advisor for assistance on the matter.

He suggested that they visit the orphanage down in the village square which was not too far from the castle, so they agreed to go.

Once they had arrived, they were greeted by the fresh smell of exotic flowers, as well as the vibrant, strawberry and milk white small square building as they headed inside.

They searched around for quite a while and there were many children, all of a different race.

One child in particular though had caught the queen’s attention, she looked at the small creature that was in its cradle in happiness and awe.

She was a baby pony pure as snow, a tiny triangular horn formed at the tip of her four head as her twinkling sapphire, blue eyes shone brightly like the starry night skies. A strand of her mint swirl and light fluffy cotton candy pink coloured curly mane dangled over one of her eyes as the rest of her body was tucked in by a small creamy blanket. A smile etched across her face, staring right at them and that’s when they knew she was the one and decided to take her. They named her Unicornia.

This is how one of many tales of the young unicorn princess all begins.
Story draft: Prolouge- Nature's gift

Hey guys it's me again. Just thought I'd upload some sections of a future children's story I've been working on over the past few weeks. If I have made any mistakes, please correct me as I know my punctuation isn't perfect. Thank you ^^

Melody aka :iconhyperactivechaosgirl:

(c) This story is original but was inspired by quite a few cartoons such as Sofia the first.

(c) Story and characters by me :iconhyperactivechaosgirl:

<da:thumb id="493372966"/>

This person is doing a really amazing point Raffle. ^^


HyperactiveChaosgirl's Profile Picture
Melody/Lady Darkrina
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I'm a huge gamer and anime lover. The game I usually play is pokemon but I also like to play Legend of zelda,sonic the hedgehog and super mario.

Current Residence: In my dark castle.
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Regular
Print preference: Normal paper
Favourite genre of music: Rock&Jazz
Favourite photographer: None
Favourite style of art: Manga
MP3 player of choice: Youtube vids
Wallpaper of choice: Dark and Magical
Skin of choice: Black&Dark purple
Favourite cartoon characters: Pokemon: Dragonite,Umbreon,Frosslass,Gothitelle,Dusknoir,Grovyle.
MLP: Twilight Sparkle,Fluttershy,Rarity,AppleJack,P.Luna,Nightmare Moon, Q.Chrysalis,P.Celestia
Personal Quote: All who hurt my friends will wither away like the falling leaves of deadliest and harshest Winter.

Credit to to my friend Jana for the Murkrow picture^^


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