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Miles Tails Prower by HyperactiveChaosgirl
Miles Tails Prower
So, today I was feeling for something a little light. I decided to draw one of my favourite Sonic characters Miles Tails Prower standing upon a colourful tiled floor while posing for the camera while the skies are in a beautiful sunset mood, seeping through snowy milky clouds.

(c) Tails and Sonic series belongs to :iconsegaplz:

(c) Artwork belongs to me :iconhyperactivechaosgirl:
Melody and Chara by HyperactiveChaosgirl
Melody and Chara
This is something I made quite a few days ago. I realised I haven't really made much of a show with these two main characters of mine so I decided to make a photo of my married couple Chara Dreemur a demon human girl and her wife Melody Dreemur a skelepire (a cross between a skeleton and vampire) in a team posing together.

The title I made was inspired from Sonic Advance 3, because I remembered from when I used to play the game, certain characters who got pair up with eachother who got special titles. So I made one for these two.

(c) Undertale belongs to Toby Fox

(c) Inspirations from Sonic Advance 3 :iconsegaplz:

(c) Melody the skelepire and this version of Chara belong to me :iconhyperactivechaosgirl:
Invert the fox by HyperactiveChaosgirl
Invert the fox
A gift  and icon I've been saving for a good and special friend, my wonderful partner :iconinverttails: I've worked for 2 nights on this... and I really do feel I have put a lot of LOVE,passion and care into this piece ^^ I just wanted to say, thank you for always being such a great friend to me for all these years we've know each other for. And thank you for allowing me to discover a lot more about myself than I already knew... I just want to say thanks for always looking out for me and teaching me what love and friendship truly means. Because Invry, you've always been one amazing pal, and I'll always love you for who you are. ^^

(c) Invert the fox belongs to my partner :iconinverttails:

(c) Artwork by me :iconhyperactivechaosgirl:
Sky Dragonheart the hedgehog by HyperactiveChaosgirl
Sky Dragonheart the hedgehog
Just something I decided to make for a good friend who I only reunited with the past weeks. So bro, I hope your enjoy your gift. You're free to use this as an icon if you want as well ^^ So this is an art work of his oc Sky Dragonheart the hedgehog.

(c) Sky Dragonheart belongs to my bro

(c) Artwork belongs to me :iconhyperactivechaosgirl:
Our game is far from over by HyperactiveChaosgirl
Our game is far from over
So, I felt in the mood for something quite dark today, so I decided to make a scene where Chara has possessed her lover Melody the skeleton's body for the day, directly looking at someone as she states the quote above as a means of playing her role as the evil entity really well xD 

... hee hee .. watch out, she might just... possess your body NEXT! C: <

Anyways yeah, I just thought to make this for a bit of fun, I really think I'm getting better at playing with shadows ^^ so hope you enjoy seeing this.

(c) Undertale belongs to Toby Fox

(c) Melody the skeleton belongs to me :icoonHyperactivechaosgirl:
Well, I know it's been forever since I last wrote a journal. Of course I've been away in another timeline all together due to life and such. But things have been quite well over all, apart from the usual. So, I'm just letting you all know that I've been around every now and then and I'm still boning along. ^^ 

Today, I'd just like to say that since I've improved a lot over the past months in my artworks, I'm officially opening up a commissions artshop. Just as a note and forewarning to you all out there, it may take a while for me to get your work done, as I have a lack of internet that only last me a few days every week so I'm not able to upload the work very frequently. However, I shall do my best too ^^

So here are my dealings:

For small pix-elated icons it would be 5 points:  examples   Charmander icon by HyperactiveChaosgirl Chara Erase- new ID by HyperactiveChaosgirl

For a large digital avatar or artwork with one character it would be 15 points: examples Charr the Chibi Charmander by HyperactiveChaosgirl Chibi furry Latias by HyperactiveChaosgirl

And for an artwork/avatar with two-three or more characters it would be 30 points: examples Skeleton Joker of Clubs by HyperactiveChaosgirl

Note again, that I'm not on as much due to lack of internet, but I will be pleased and honored to make your works for you ^^ So happy days to you all out there and hope to start commissioning soon c:


HyperactiveChaosgirl's Profile Picture
Melody/Lady Darkrina
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
I'm a huge gamer and anime lover. The game I usually play is pokemon but I also like to play Super Smash Bros and Super mario.

Current Residence: In Chaos Utopia.
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Regular
Print preference: Normal paper
Favourite genre of music: Rock/Chiptune/Soothing/Calming
Favourite photographer: None
Favourite style of art: Manga/Cartoon
MP3 player of choice: Youtube vids
Wallpaper of choice: Dark and Magical
Skin of choice: Black&Dark Purple/White
Favourite cartoon characters: Pokemon: Dragonite,Umbreon,Frosslass,Reuniclus,Dusknoir,Grovyle,Roserade,Slowbro&Medicham.
MLP: Twilight Sparkle,Fluttershy,Pinkie Pie,AppleJack,P.Luna,Discord, Q.Chrysalis&Sunset Shimmer.
Personal Quote: Pizzaaaaaaa! =D


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SuperUndertale Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional General Artist
1. What drawing tablet do you use?
2. Can you draw Chara with huge boobs and/or a huge butt and/or a huge tummy?

HyperactiveChaosgirl Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ah, I use a program called Paint To Sai and uh... I guess a big tummy wouldn't be a problem ^^ I'll just put it to note that this was a requested work from you.
SuperUndertale Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Professional General Artist
AqwamDraws Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2016
So... When is your next art going to be out? Its been a while.
HyperactiveChaosgirl Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, well since my laptop died a while back, I haven't been able to use paint tool Sai. And cuz I haven't had much internet lately till now I couldn't upload much. Though I will be doing soon.

Speaking of which, how are things with you lately? Has everything been okay? ^^
AqwamDraws Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2016
I just got sick that's all and I also improve my digital arts with the help of Lumosz.
HyperactiveChaosgirl Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awww that's really great you've been improving your art. I saw and it's looking nice ^^ what program have ya been using?~
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AnimeToon95 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2016
Thanks for the watch. :D
HyperactiveChaosgirl Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome ^^
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